Retail Office Lease Oshkosh WI

Established in 1961, Shoreland Development Corp of Wisconsin is a Commercial Real Estate Company Leasing Retail and Commercial Property Along Busy Hwy 41 Oshkosh.


Our properties are the perfect location for start-ups with a desire for an instant customer base or current businesses looking to relocate to this very visible Oshkosh corridor. Develop Your Business with Us. 


  A Family Reality Leasing Business Specializing in

 Hwy 41 Oshkosh Commercial Properties from 700 sq ft - UP


Commercial Clients of Shoreland Development Corp Include

 - Lowes -  Oshkosh Defense - HallmanLinsay Paint - Closing & Title Services - Eric Soda Agency - FRANKLIN Equipment - Originals Antiques - Winnebago Lawn & Snow